Joe Stiles

"It's an honor to recommend Bill Lackey to my friends and associates as a real estate agent focused on 110% client satisfaction. I have come to know and trust Bill as an honorable man and a really talented real estate agent."

Ken Marsh

"Bill is a proven honest, trustworthy and hardworking real estate professional. He is astute at building relationships with other professionals and his customers. Bill provides service and builds relationships with H.E.A.R.T.(Honesty, Empathy,Appreciation, Respect and Tact)."

David Davies

"Bill is very professional, personable and persistent. His very honest and trustworthy and he is a man of his word. Everything he has ever promised me, he has delivered."

Barbara Meyer

"Bill is 'the' person to go to if you have any real estate needs. You can be sure that he will do the best possible job for you."

Teresa Sanders

"My business association with Bill has always been a pleasure. His professionalism and knowledge of the industry is extensive which saves everyone time and money."

Ron Goedecke

"Bill has proven himself as a true professional in the real estate industry and you can count on him to be a person with the upmost integrity."

Ingrid Forrest

"Our paths have crossed quite a bit in the past couple of years and Bill did show a lot of caring and pride in his job. I can recommend him without reservation that he will be taking very good care of any client lucky enough to choose him as their Realtor!"

Cammie Cooper

"Bill Lackey is a great person to use if you are looking for real estate. He goes above and beyond on the job and can really be depended on."

Stephen King

"Bill's service and advice helped me substantiate a higher price than I would have without his knowledge. His questions helped me realize that I was not ready to list my home at that time. I will call call him when I am ready."